Wilson Benesch Discovery 3zero

A 2.5-way standmount monitor like no other and the third generation of a Wilson Benesch classic.

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Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 3zero

The A.C.T. 3zero marks a significant advance in the materials that are used to create the composite monocoque that forms the largest single component in any Fibonacci Series loudspeaker. The new biocomposite A.C.T. 3zero Monocoque is made from naturally sourced, renewable and sustainable materials replacing almost all materials previously used that had been sourced from petrochemical sources. 

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Wilson Benesch Endeavour 3zero

The Endeavour 3zero exploits more than three decades of work, to distil a multitude of cutting-edge Wilson Benesch technologies in its flagship standmount loudspeaker design.

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Wilson Benesch Resolution 3zero

Drawing on the DNA of the A.C.T. 3zero and Endeavour 3zero, Resolution 3zero deploys technologies such as the Isobaric Drive System, the acoustic centring of the tweeter and midrange drivers, and a sculptured curved sloping carbon composite top and the A.C.T. 3zero biocomposite Monocoque - but it places this technology in a full range floorstanding enclosure. The results are superlative!

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Wilson Benesch Omnium

The Omnium is a celebration of the “modular design” that Wilson Benesch added to its design philosophy when it released the ground-breaking Odyssey Range in 2001.

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Wilson Benesch Eminence

Eminence is the most ambitious loudspeaker design in the company’s history. The Eminence became a messenger for the next generation of reference Wilson Benesch loudspeaker design, introducing for the first time the A.C.T. 3zero Monocoque, the Tactic 3.0 drive unit and the Fibonacci Tweeter.

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