Drawing on the DNA of the A.C.T. 3zero and Endeavour 3zero, Resolution 3zero deploys technologies such as the Isobaric Drive System, the acoustic centring of the tweeter and midrange drivers, and a sculptured curved sloping carbon composite top and the A.C.T. 3zero biocomposite Monocoque - but it places this technology in a full range floorstanding enclosure. The results are superlative!



Resolution 3zero is a high-octane listening experience - capable of delivering impressive drive, power and scale, whilst also retaining complete composure thanks to the Wilson Benesch drive technologies and the A.C.T. 3zero biocomposite monocoque. But whilst the Resolution 3zero is capable of sonic acrobatics, it is also (as its name would suggest) capable of resolving micro harmonics and delicate passages within the recorded arts - performing a disappearing act within the soundstage - such that the listener is always at one with the music and the artist.

The foundation of everything is the perfectly integrated bass delivery. In this respect, the Resolution 3zero deploys two Isobaric Drive System, plus a low-bass driver at the top of its enclosure. The step response of the Isobaric Drive System matches that of the midrange drive units, ensuring perfect phase coherence across the frequency band.

Placed directly at the centre of the Resolution 3zero, the Tactic 3.0 midrange together with the Fibonacci Tweeter directly above it, forms the acoustic centre. As with the A.C.T. 3zero, the Tactic 3.0 midrange drive unit is acoustically rolled-off with no crossover within its signal path to the amplifier, this optimises the performance through this critical frequency band allowing the midrange drive unit to deliver a perfectly natural midrange presentation.

The Resolution 3zero is a formidable floorstanding loudspeaker. It defies what is commonly thought to be possible from a large enclosure by delivering power with absolute control and finesse. A tough act to follow.



Drive technology

  • Low Bass: 170mm (7”) Tactic 3.0
  • Tweeter: 25mm (1”) Fibonacci Hybrid Silk-Carbon Tweeter
  • Midrange: 170mm (7”) Tactic 3.0
  • Isobaric Drive System 1: 2x 170mm Tactic 3.0 (Clamshell)
  • Isobaric Drive System 2: 2x 170mm Tactic 3.0 (Clamshell)

Crossover technology

  • Low Bass: First Order
  • Tweeter: Second Order, 5kHz Low Pass Filter
  • Midrange: First Order, 5kHz Low Pass Filter
  • Isobaric Drive System 1-2: First Order 500Hz Low Pass Filter
Enclosure technology
  • Poly-Alloy, ‘A.C.T. 3Zero’ Monocoque, Biocomposite Enclosure with Visco-Elastic interfaces throughout, 13mm thick Steel Ties in the Vertical Axis
  • Low Bass Enclosure: Infinite Baffle
  • Tweeter Enclosure: Sealed Tweeter with ‘Labyrinth Element’
  • Midrange Enclosure: Infinite Baffle
  • Isobaric Enclosure: Bass Reflex Port underside of the loudspeaker foot


  • 2-Way Electric, 4-Way Acoustic
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms Nominal / 3 Ohms Minimal
  • Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1-Meter on axis, 2.83V Input
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 30kHz +/- 2dB


  • Height: 1558mm (61.34")
  • Width: 191mm (7.5”) Baffle, 519mm (20.43”) Widest Point Foot
  • Depth: 505mm (19.88”)
  • Weight: 98kg (216lbs)


  • Premium Black
  • Wood (Burr Walnut, Ebonised Walnut, Walnut)
  • Special Colours (Aventador Blue Aegir, Huracan Verde (Green), Mugello Girgio Ferro (Grey), Senna Volcanic Orange, Senna Volcanic Red, Belladonna Phantom Purple)
  • Carbon Colour (Enzo Red, Ettore Blue, Silverstone Silver)